Hog-Miner cycle

Hog-Miner cycle

Hey, this is skool, and I would like to show you this new Miner-Hog hybrid deck I've been using.

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First, I'll be talking about replacements.

  • Miner- Knight, although this will change the playstyle and make the deck more defensive, even though it already has many good defensive cards.
  • Ice wizard- Minions, Archers, Electro wizard- Electro wizard is the best replacement but the others work fine, too.
  • Bowler- Executioner, but it isn't as good because of reasons we'll discuss later.
  • Tornado- Poison, it reduces defensive capability but works better with the miner.
  • Hog rider- none.
  • The log- Zap, very similar function.
  • Inferno tower- cannon, if you want a faster cycle.
  • Skeletons- Ice spirit, both of these are usually a cycle card, but skeletons are better for distraction, Ice spirit is better with Hog, your choice.


Card Purposes

Miner- Great card in general, both offense and defense. Pair with tornado/poison to get extra damage and supplement the hog. I usually use it more in games when my opponent has good counters to hog. Try to use it on OFFENSE.

Ice Wizard- Great on defense, takes out hordes of troops. Works extremely well with Bowler and Tornado. Also use to counterpush.

Bowler- Excellent against hog, e-barbs and almost all troops. Most underrated card in the game. Also good on offense as a tank for hog or miner.

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  • Cool we like it 🙂