Clash Royale Bandit + Battle Ram Poison Arena 9 – 11

Clash Royale Bandit + Battle Ram Poison Arena 9 – 11

Clash Royale Bandit Battle Ram Poison Deck

Hey to all. Today we show you one of the best Bandit decks at the moment. It is a Battle Ram Poison Control deck. Some players at 5800 Trophies are still playing this deck with success. If you want to read more about the new Bandit card you can do it here in the Bandit Guide.

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Bandit - The Bandit is the latest released card in clash royale. With her special ability, she can push through everything while she is in the dash mode. She can’t be hit by anything in the dash mode. Her charge can be set to zero with Freeze, Zap, Ice Spirit, Electro Wizard.


Battle Ram - The Battle Ram is really an underrated card. It is stronger than the most think. Swarm troops are the best counter against the Battle Ram. For this reason, we got the Poison with us.


 Princess - The Princess is very powerful against swarm troops like the Goblin Gang, Skeleton Army or Minion Horde. The most often used strategy is to defend with the Princess and after that start the counter push with the Battle Ram in front of her and Poison around the Battle Ram.

clash royale princess defense



Goblin Gang - The Goblin Gang is also one of the newer cards. You can use it greatly for defense against the Hog Rider or Elite Barbarians or high HP troops. You can also combine them with the Battle Ram or the Bandit.


Inferno Tower - This is you main defense Card against single target troops. It is awesome if you need to kill a Giant, P.E.K.K.A or Golem. You can also kill a Hog Rider easy with it.


Poison Spell - The Poison Spell is very great in combination with the Battle Ram. If you play the Battle Ram + Poison at the opponents tower, he can't counter with swarm troops like Skeleton Army or Minion Horde.


Zap - Kill the Skeletons as fast as you can 😀


Skeleton Army - The Skeleton Army is an awesome counter against big pushes or the Elite Barbarians. 

The Game Starts:

At the start of the game, you should wait until you got 10 Elixir. If you got the Princess on your hand put her behind your king's tower. If you can start a push put the Battle Ram down the bridge and use the poison too. I think at Arena 9 you know how to build pushes and so on.


For the defense, we got the Inferno Tower against high HP troops and the Skeleton Army. If you need you also can use the Poison for the defense.

Bandit push:

If you are fast enough you can push with the Bandit + Goblin Gang. The Zap should be ready for the Skeleton Army counter or something.