Clash Royale Arena 4 – Arena 7 Deck

Clash Royale Arena 4 – Arena 7 Deck


Hey Guys today this is a beautiful starter deck pushing into Arena 7 is is very solid and strong with Hog Rider and the Prince your opponent's tower will fall!

Clash Royale Arena 4 - Arena 7 Deck

If you reach Arena 5 you can replace arrows-card-clash-royaleArrows with zap-card-clash-royaleZap but Zap should at least level 4. Zap is more useful because of the fast usage and stun. If you reach higher Arenas Zap is more useful because some people use inferno_tower-cardInferno Tower and inferno-dragon-clash-royale-cardInferno Dragon with it you can stop the higher damager they get per second and they have to start from the lowest damage. This deck is perfectly for Clash Royale players which have not so much experience.

Average Cost


Win Rate


  • Common25%
  • Rare50%
  • Epic25%
  • Legendary0%


  • Troops62%
  • Spells25%
  • Buildings13%

    Arena Statistic

  • Attack75%
  • Defense60%
  • Difficulty30%
The Prince is the Tower destroyer in this deck with his ability charge he make huge damage to the towers. If the opponent ignore him his tower will be easy destroyed.
The Hog Rider is also an Arena Tower destroyer he only attack buildings. Support him with the Baby Dragon he will save the Hog Rider dying by swarm troops.
The Fireball can be use to kill troops like barbarians-card-clash-royaleBarbarians or minion_horde-cardMinion Horde . It is also good to use it against buildings like the Elixir Collector or Hut decks.
The Musketeer is awesome dealing with flying troops like the baby_dragon-cardBaby Dragon .
The Tombstone is in to defend against troop minions like the prince-cardPrince and mini_pekka-card-clash-royaleMini P.E.K.K.A . If it get's destroyed it summons more skeletons. Put it in the middle of your side.
Zap or Arrows - Zap is the most popular Spell in the Game. Use it to destroy the skeleton_army-card-clash-royaleSkeleton Army or other low HP troops.
The Spear Goblins are great for defense. Use it against minions like mini_pekka-card-clash-royaleMini P.E.K.K.A or clash royale giant-cardGiant .
Baby Dragon is an awesome flying troop. With his AOE damage he can deal great with swarm troops.


  • First Play

    If you got the Tombstone on you hand put it down in the middle of your field. You can also start pushing with the Hog Rider and behind it the spear Goblins.
  • Defending

    If you need to defend Baby Dragon and the Spear Goblins make a good job. The Tombstone is also great for your defense because the opponent's troops attack it first and the towers can take them down. If you get in trouble use the Fireball. The Musketeer is great if you need to kill flying troops.
  • Counter

    If your defense was great and you got an Elixir Advantage start your push with the Prince and Hog Rider. If your opponent put down the Skeleton Army use Arrows or Zap. You can also counter with Prince + Baby Dragon or Hog Rider + Baby Dragon.
  • Winn the Game

    If your counter works the opponent's Tower will be destroyed very fast and good game!Important Tipp: before you start playing look how much damage your Fireball is dealing because sometime the opponent's tower's life is at 300 health or something you can easy destroy it with your fireball and don't waste troops to take it down.