Clash Royale Arena 7 and Arena 8 Dragon Combo

Clash Royale Arena 7 and Arena 8 Dragon Combo


Hey Guy's my name is Altana i want to share this deck with you because i was really successfully with it i reached from Arena 7 to Arena 8.

Clash Royale Dragon Combo Arena 7 - Arena 8

Ok lets talk a little bit about this Clash Royale deck. The goal is to build a huge push with the golem-cardGolem + the 2 Dragons. Supporting these 3 Guys with the princess-card-clash-royalePrincess and zap-card-clash-royaleZap to take swarm troops out. The inferno-dragon-clash-royale-cardInferno Dragon is a tower eater! if he start attacking, the tower will be destroyed in seconds. Ok so what about defending. for the defense we got the tombstone-card-clash-royaleTombstone and the mega-minion-card-clash-royaleMega Minion . How to use them i am going to tell you in the Gameplan at the bottom of this Post. Let's take a look at some statistics.

Average Cost


Win Rate


  • Common12%
  • Rare38%
  • Epic25%
  • Legendary25%


  • Troops62%
  • Spells13%
  • Buildings25%

    Arena Statistic

  • Attack65%
  • Defense35%
  • Difficulty60%
I think i would say inferno Dragon is awesome if you use it right! on the one hand it sucks against swarm troops like minion_horde-cardMinion Horde or skeleton_army-card-clash-royaleSkeleton Army , because it only can focus one troop or building with the deadly fire beam. On the other hand if he start attacking the damage is awesome over the time. If you need a fast Tank destroyer he will do the job!
The Baby Dragon is a bit different like the Inferno Dragon he attack's with a fireball wich is great against swarm troops!
This card is huge! Stopping a golem isn't easy. Put it behind a tower and start building your push supporting the Golem with the 2 Dragons.
The Tombstone is in to defend against troop minions like the prince-cardPrince and mini_pekka-card-clash-royaleMini P.E.K.K.A . If it get's destroyed it summons more skeletons. Put it in the middle of your side.
The Mega Minion is mainly used to defend. It is a flying troop minion with good damage but not so high HP. It is one of the best defense troop in the game!
Zap is the most popular Spell in the Game. Use it to destroy the skeleton_army-card-clash-royaleSkeleton Army or other low HP troops.
This card is great! With it you can push down your opponent! Try to defend it with everything you got.
The Princess' ranged area damage makes her a good counter for hordes of low hitpoint troops. Put her behind your Golem and Dragon's she help's you supporting by killing the swarm troops.



  • The Game start's

    Ok if you got the Elixir Collector on your hand wait until you got 10 Elixir and put it behind your tower. Tipp: If you know your opponent is playing a miner deck put it in front of your king tower so the left and right tower can defend the Elixir Collector. If you got the Golem on your hand you can put it down behind your tower but it is a bit risky because it cost 8 Elixir. If you don't got the Golem or Elixir Collector cycle a bit through the deck.
  • 1. Turn Elixir Collector

    If you put down the Elixir Collector first then you have to defend. If your opponent play Hog Rider or Prince put down your Tombstone. Sometimes a i use Princess for my defense because of her awesome range and she kills easy swarm troops.
  • 1. Turn Golem

    Ok if you put down the Golem first the opponent maybe start pushing if he has an aggressiv deck or prepare a huge defense against your golem. If you start pushing don't put the Inferno Dragon first. Your opponent will try everything to kill it. If your Golem reached the Bridge you can put down your Inferno Dragon. Support your golem with the Princess from behind and with the Baby Dragon and Zap if needed.
  • Win the Game

    You can win the game by building up a huge Golem push with the Elixir advantage from the Elixir Collector have fun!

Let me know how you like my deck :)