Clash Royale Arena 7 – Arena 10 Sparky + Royale Giant Deck

Clash Royale Arena 7 – Arena 10 Sparky + Royale Giant Deck



Hey Guys today we show a great Royale Giant + Sparky Deck with it you can reach up to 5000 crowns it is one of the top deck's at the moment.

If you want to hit a high legend rank in the Clash Royale Arena 9 with this deck you make nothing wrong. It has a great defense spell with the-log-card-clash-royaleThe Log , arrows-card-clash-royaleArrows and as building the tombstone-card-clash-royaleTombstone . The mega-minion-card-clash-royaleMega Minion is at the moment one of the best defense troop with these Cards your defense will stay strong. The core card's of this deck are the sparky-card-clash-royaleSparky and the royal_giant-cardRoyale Giant . With these sweet troop minions you will destroy your opponent's tower in second's. Ok lets look at some statistics.


Average Cost


Win Rate


  • Common25%
  • Rare37%
  • Epic13%
  • Legendary25%


  • Troops50%
  • Spells25%
  • Buildings25%
The Royale Giant is a more flexible opinion than the clash royale giant-cardGiant . He is attacking from a long range. Don't leave him alone he can be counter great with minion_horde-cardMinion Horde or barbarians-card-clash-royaleBarbarians .
The Musketeer is awesome dealing with flying troops like the baby_dragon-cardBaby Dragon .
The Tombstone is at the moment one of the best defense building. The Tombstone is great in defending against troop minions like the prince-cardPrince and mini_pekka-card-clash-royaleMini P.E.K.K.A . If it get's destroyed it summons more skeletons. Put it in the middle of your side.
Due to their high numbers, the Skeleton Army is effective against slowly attacking, high hitpoint opponents such as the pekka-cardP.E.K.K.A , prince-cardPrince , mini_pekka-card-clash-royaleMini P.E.K.K.A and clash royale giant-cardGiant
if you play this card you have to build your deck around it. Because is has a massive damage and is slow you need to pick the right card's and support this sweet thing. Put it behind the royal_giant-cardRoyale Giant and destroy everything from behind.
The deck is using Arrows and no zap-card-clash-royaleZap because the zap-card-clash-royaleZap can't kill the minion_horde-cardMinion Horde with the arrows we can handle this problem. Feel free to use them against the princess-card-clash-royalePrincess if your opponent play her.
The Mega Minion is mainly used to defend. It is a flying troop minion with good damage but not so high HP.
Pick it up and let it go! Log's gonna make them heads roll! It's Big! It's Solid! It's wood! Pick it up and let it go! Logs gonna make them heads roll! Pick it up and let it go! Logs gonna make them heads roll!
  • Opening Hand

    Cycle through your deck until you get the Sparky on your hand. You can cycle with the Musketeer or put down the Tombstone. Or use the Royale Giant to destroy a building from the opponent.
  • Prepare the Combo

    Ok the Game is now rolling and we are going to prepare our Royale Giant + Sparky Combo. Now wait until you got 8 Elixir or something and put down the Sparky behind your tower because it is super slow and need to load up the cannon. If the Sparky is near the bride defend it by putting the Royale Giant in front of it. Now let them destroy the towers. Try to defend the as good as you can with the Spells or the the supporting troops like Musketeer or Mega Minion.
  • Defending

    The best way to defend is to know what card trades best with the opponent's one. Simple example: trade the Arrows for minion Horde. Put down the Tombstone if your opponent attacks with Hog Rider or Prince.

Ok Guy's i hope you liked that deck guide and if you have any questions let us know. Have fun and good luck!