Clash Royale Arena 8+ amazing Tornado Deck

Clash Royale Arena 8+ amazing Tornado Deck


Hey Guys this is an more aggressive deck pushing with the Golem and Hog is powerful.

Clash Royale PrincessClash Royale ZapClash Royale BarbariansClash Royale Tornado
Clash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale Ice Spirit

Average Cost


Win Rate

  • Common63%
  • Rare25%
  • Epic0%
  • Legendary12%
  • Troops75%
  • Spells25%
  • Buildings0%
The Hog Rider is here to destroy Arena Towers. He only attack's buildings. Use it with the ice-golem-card-clash-royaleIce Golem .
The Princess' ranged area damage makes her a good counter for hordes of low hitpoint troops.
Zap is the most popular Spell in the Game. Use it to destroy the skeleton_army-card-clash-royaleSkeleton Army or other low HP troops.
In this deck the main use of the ice Golem is to put it in front of the hog rider and any other troops will target the Ice Golem, giving the hog_rider-cardHog Rider more time to deal damage.
Barbarians are great dealing with high hitpoints troops. Like clash royale giant-cardGiant or pekka-cardP.E.K.K.A .
The Mega Minion is mainly used to defend. It is a flying troop minion with good damage but not so high HP.
The Tornado is a good spell dealing with swarm troops like skeleton_army-card-clash-royaleSkeleton Army
The Ice Spirit paired with a Hog Rider is a great combination, as the Ice Spirit will freeze any troop or buildings trying to counter the Hog Rider.


  • The Game Start

    If you got the Hog Rider + ice Golem on your hand put them down and start pushing! Another option is Hog Rider + Barbarians.
  • Defend

    To defend your towers you got the Mega minion, Barbarians and the Princess use the Princess if your opponent is playing swarm troops. Use your Barbarians against high HP troops like the Giant. Mega minion is great in killing troops which cant attack flying troops.
  • The Game is rolling

    if the game is rolling you mainly have to defend and attack at the same time. Try to make good trades and push after that with the Hog Rider if your opponent's Elixir is low.