Clash Royale best Gobling Gang Deck Arena 9 and 10

Clash Royale best Gobling Gang Deck Arena 9 and 10

clash royale best goblin gang deck


Clash Royale Best Goblin Gang Deck

Hello to all! Today we show you a great deck with the latest released card the Goblin Gang. If you want to know some Statistics about the card you can visit the Goblin Gang card Statistics. It is a Giant + Graveyard Deck. The Spear Goblins are great if you need a support troop or if you need to defend.

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Giant - The Giant is the card which is always in front of the other one. With this deck, you have 2 Options how to attack with the Giant. You can use Giant + Graveyard or you start counter pushing after a good defense with the Mega Minion or Musketeer with the Giant in front and support them with the Goblin Gang.


Goblin Gang - The Goblin Gang is the latest released card in Clash Royale. It spawns 6 Goblins 3 with a knife and 3 with a spear. This card is a great support for the Giant. If you need to deal with the Elite Barbarians or Hog Rider these guys will stop them. But The Log destroy them all 😀


Musketeer - The Musketeer is a very solid card in the game it is not overpowered and it is not bad. You need to use it in the right situations. In this deck the Musketeer is the more defensive card.

The Log, Arrows, and Zap - This Spell combo is great. In the current meta, there are a lot of Minions and Minion Horde. Use the Arrows if you need to kill them. Use the Zap if you need to kill a Skeleton Army very fast. The Log, just throw it in the Game. The Log is great against Skeleton Army, Princess, Goblin Gang, Dart Goblin.

For the Gameplan you can watch the Video from Chief Pat. He is playing this deck.