Clash Royale Bowler + Miner Rocket Arena 8 – 10 Deck

Clash Royale Bowler + Miner Rocket Arena 8 – 10 Deck


Clash Royale Bowler + Miner Rocket Deck

Hey guys if you are looking for a great Elite Barbarians counter deck this is the right deck for you. With the Bowler, The Log and Furnace its the perfect Elite Barbarians counter. The goal of this deck is to make small pushes you will not kill the opponents tower with only one push. This deck is really hard to play. Good Luck to all! let us know how you like this deck?


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Cards Breakdown


The Miner is a crazy card with only 3 Elixir he can attack everywhere. Because of its ability he dig everywhere and pops out of the ground. The best way how to use it is, set him on the opponent's tower and try to push at the same time with small troops the Miner tanks the towers damage and the small troops will survive. But we will talk in the Gameplan more about him.


The Bowler is actually very popular because it is one of the best Elite Barbarians counter. If you want a good Elite Barbarians counter use him he is awesome!


The Log is in the current meta better than the zap because everyone is playing with the Elite Barbarians. Just roll it down the bridge whenever you need it. It is great if you need to push back the Elite Barbarians.


The Furnace is a great defensive and offensive building. If your opponent plays Elite Barbarians deck it's really hard to push if the furnace is in the game. If the level is high enough one Fire Spirit can hit the opponents tower.


The Rocket is a high damage spell. This deck only makes a lot of small damage to the opponents tower. With this rocket, you can calculate how much damage is left and destroy the tower with it. In special cases you can use it for the defense.


  • The Game Starts

    You have 3 Options how to start the game with this deck:1. You wait what your opponent is going to - defend it - counter push 2. Put down your furnace in the middle of your site and start the game with small pushes. 3. Put down the Bowler behind your king's tower and build up a push.
  • Midgame

    The goal is to kill the opponents tower with small pushes and small damage. If you like to kill the tower fast you should not play this deck.
  • Some pushes

    1. Miner + Golem + Archers 2. Miner + Bowler + Archers 3. Bowler + Archers 4. Golem + Archers + Mega Minioncombine them with the furnace building.