Clash Royale Elite Barbarians + Hog Freeze Arena 8 – 10 Deck

Clash Royale Elite Barbarians + Hog Freeze Arena 8 – 10 Deck

Hey guy's today we show you the Elite Barbarians Hog Freeze Deck. It is really strong against the most popular decks this meta. the main Tower destroyers are the Elite Barbarians and the Hog Rider!

Clash Royale Elite Barbarians Hog Freeze Deck

If you want to destroy your opponent's tower you should do it with the hog_rider-cardHog Rider or elite-barbarians-card-clash-royaleElite Barbarians . You can combine these 2 for a nice and fast attack. For the defense we got the mega-minion-card-clash-royaleMega Minion and tombstone-card-clash-royaleTombstone of course the Spells can be used for defense as well.


Average Cost


Win Rate


  • Common37%
  • Rare63%
  • Epic0%
  • Legendary0%


  • Troops50%
  • Spells25%
  • Buildings25%

    Arena Statistic

  • Attack90%
  • Defense50%
  • Difficulty75%


  • The Game Starts

    Ok if you got the Elixir Collector on the hand try to put it down. If you don't get the Elixir Collector you can Put down the Tombstone in the middle of your site. Or start a fast push with Hog Rider + Ice Spirit or Elite Barbarians + Ice Spirit and support the push by a zap.
  • Defense

    For the defense we got the Tombstone and Mega minion. Support your defense with the Zap, Fireball or Ice Spirit if needed. The Tombstone is really great for the defense because you can distract the opponent's troops.
  • Win The Game

    If you want a win you have to play really good with this deck! But the Cards you need to use are the Hog Rider and Elite Barbarians.
  • Tips

    - If your opponent plays the Miner put your Elixir collector in front of your Kings Tower because the Miner gets attack from 2 Towers on this position.- You can use The Log instead of the Zap- You can use Fire Spirits instead of the Ice Spirit

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