Clash Royale Graveyard Arena 8 -10 Deck Rank #2

Clash Royale Graveyard Arena 8 -10 Deck Rank #2


Clash Royale Graveyard Arena 8 - Hey, guy's today we share the Rank 2 Graveyard deck in the current Meta it is really cool if you got the Legendary Graveyard card give this deck a try! Leave a comment if you want more information's how to play a deck but the main thing we explain is how it work's and how to play it. If you want single information about the Cards you can visit our card's section.

Clash Royale Graveyard Arena 8 + Elite Barbarians Deck

ok, let's take a look at the deck. The goblin_hut-cardGoblin Hut can be used as a defensive building and also can help to push. For the defense, we also got the mega-minion-card-clash-royaleMega Minionzap-card-clash-royaleZap or the valkyrie-card-clash royaleValkyrie . If you opponent's push is very huge you also can use the  Clash Royale Freeze CardFreeze Spell and handle the push. For the Tower destroyer we got the  graveyard-card-clash-royaleGraveyard and the elite-barbarians-card-clash-royaleElite Barbarians . Use the Graveyard + Elite Barbarians if you want to start a push.


Average Cost


Win Rate


  • Common37%
  • Rare37%
  • Epic13%
  • Legendary13%


  • Troops50%
  • Spells37%
  • Buildings13%

    Arena Statistic

  • Attack55%
  • Defense50%
  • Difficulty70%


  • The Game Start's

    Ok as always you should wait until you got 10 Elixir. Don't try to attack first you can first put down your Goblin Hut in the middle of your site or put down the Mega Minion behind a tower. If your defense worked well you can try to counter with the Graveyard + Elite barbarians combo.
  • Defending

    If you want to defend well use the zap against swarm troops or the valkyrie. The Mega Minion is also a good defense troop. Put down your Goblin Hut if your opponent pushes with Hog Rider or Golem or something.
  • Mid Game

    This Deck does not destroy the opponents tower with one push. You have to play really solid if you want a win.
  • Some Tips

    Try to counter if you think your opponents can't handle the Graveyard. You also can push with the Ice Golem + Elite Barbarians put the Golem in front of the Barbarians.