Clash Royale Dart Goblin Hog Rider Cycle Deck Arena 9 – 10

Clash Royale Dart Goblin Hog Rider Cycle Deck Arena 9 – 10


Clash Royale Dart Goblin + Hog Rider Deck

Hey guys today we show you an Arena 9 - 10 deck with the new Dart Goblin card. Tell us how successful you are with this. If you got other Dart Goblin decks you can post them in the comments below have a good day šŸ˜‰


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Card Breakdown


Dart GoblinĀ - This is the latest card from the clash royale arena. We are looking at the level 7 statistics (tournament standard rare cards).


The Dart Goblin got the same Hitpoints as the Princess at the tournament standard mode. Which means he is going to die by theĀ arrows-card-clash-royaleArrows andĀ the-log-card-clash-royaleThe Log but not from theĀ zap-card-clash-royaleZap Spell. The Damage is compareable with theĀ  archers-cardArchers . The Dart Goblins range is awesome! Because of the big range he can attack the most defensive towers but the towers cant kill it.


Hog RiderĀ - The Hog Rider is always the main tower destroyer. He can jump over the river and do other crazy things :D. The main push with the Hog Rider is Golem - Hog Rider - Ice Spirit. The Golem is very important to be in front of the Hog Rider as the tank. TheĀ advantage of the Ice Golem combo is the Skeleton Army save if the Golem dies the opponents Skeleton Army will also die and your Hog can attack the Tower. If you want to support the Hog Rider from behind we got the new Dart Goblin in this deck.


Ice GolemĀ - The Ice Golem is very well in the defense and in the offense. If you get attacked from the Elite Barbarians just put him in the middle of your side. The tower has more time to kill them and the other tower also starts attacking them. The offense use is the Hog Rider combination.


Ice Spirit - If you know how to use this small guy right it can be game-changing. It is a great defensive troop but it's also a great supporter. You can use it to freeze a Balloon or the Elite Barbarians or a Hog Rider. It is a great supporter for the Hog Rider if it freezes attacking troops maybe the Hog Rider can land one hit more.


Mega MinionĀ - The Mega minion is our defensive troop. Use it is you need to deal with attacking troops. Never use it if you need to attack the Hitpoints are too low.


The CannonĀ - This card is our defensive building. If you get attacked put it in the middle of your side. If you don't like the Cannon you can replace it with another defensive building like the Tombstone. It should be as cheap as the Cannon because this deck is a fast playing counter push deck.


  • The Game start

    The best way is waiting. If your opponent is also waiting you can put down the Cannon, Dart Goblin or the Mega Minion. If you want to start with a push it is a bit dangerous because of the counter push.
  • Midgame

    The deck's play style is counter pushing. If your defense was good you start a fast counter push with the Ice Golem + Hog Rider + Ice Spirit and if you got enough Elixir + Dart Goblin in the back.