Clash Royale Electro-Knight + Graveyard Poison Deck Arena 9 – 10

Clash Royale Electro-Knight + Graveyard Poison Deck Arena 9 – 10

clash royale electro knight graveyard poison deck

clash royale electro knight graveyard poison deck


Clash Royale Electro-Knight Graveyard Poison Deck

Hey, guys today we show you an awesome spell combo deck! The main push is the knight as the tank and behind him, you can put the Electro Wizard. If they reach the tower you start with the Graveyard and Poison Spell too this is awesome! :). For the Defense, we got the Executioner, Minions and the Tornado. If you want to build a push you can start with the Executioner behind your king tower and if he is near the bridge put the knight in front of him as the tank.

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Knight - The Knight is our tank in this deck. If you want to start a small attack you can use the Knight + Graveyard.


Executioner - In the Last Balance Changes (2/13)  the Executioner got a little bit nerfed but he is still very strong. If you need to handle a big counter just put him in front of your tower. If you need to deal with a bigger push the Tornado is the card you need in combination with the Executioner.


Poison Spell - The Posion Spell is now playable because of the latest Balance Changes (2/13). The duration is now 8 Sec and the damage is the same. Which means more damage per second. The Skeletons die after 1 second. If your opponent is playing graveyard too, just use the poison spell to counter it.


Electro Wizard - The Electro Wizard is one of the best cars if you need to counter the Inferno Tower and save the Knight. It is my favorite card at the moment in the game. If you want to tell us what is your favourite card just look at the right site and vote :). I use the Electro Wizard against Goblin Barrel, Hog Rider, Skeleton Army, Graveyard, Balloon, Lava Hound...

  • The Game Starts

    A great surprise if a fast push with the Knight + Graveyard + Poison ;). If you don't get this cycle you can start with the Knight or Executioner behind your tower a build up a push.
  • Defense

    After you use the Graveyard + Poison Combo you need a good defense. Executioner + Tornado is the best defense in the game I think :). Think about it sometimes a good Electro Wizard is enough.
  • Win the Game

    Sometimes you destroy your opponents tower with only one push and sometimes you need 2-3. But be careful because of the counter attacks.