Clash Royale Electro Wizard – Bowler – Graveyard Arena 8 – 10 Deck

Clash Royale Electro Wizard – Bowler – Graveyard Arena 8 – 10 Deck


Clash Royale Electro Wizard Deck

Hey to all today we bring you an Electro Wizard deck which is one of the best Meta Decks at the moment. If you are looking for a perfect Elite Barbarian counter deck this one is the right one :D. We hope you like and have fun see ya! If you are looking for other Arena 8, Arena 9 or Arena 10 decks just click on the link.


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Cards Breakdown


Electro Wizard - Everyone wants this new Clash Royale Legendary Card. If you got him be happy ;). The Electro Wizard Spawns with a Zap and resets the Charge Time of the Sparky. He can target 2 enemy troops in one attack and also give them a small stun. The stun is awesome against Inferno Cards they need to start from zero after every stun. The attack speed 1.7 seconds. This card can be easy countered because of the low HP.


Graveyard This card is the main tower destroyer in this deck. If you play it in the right situation the opponents tower will fall in seconds. The best way to use it is if you got the Bowler or the Ice Golem near the Bridge. They can tank the tower damage and your skeletons will survive. you also can use the Graveyard in combination with the Freeze Spell. Use it far away from the King tower otherwise, the Skeletons will attack it and activate it.


Bowler - Since the Elite Barbarians are Overpowered the Bowler gets played more often. He is a great counter against Hog Rider or the Elite Barbarians because of his ability to push back the attacking troops. Don't use him as a starting troop because of the high Elixir Cost.

Clash Royale Freeze Card

Freeze - The Freeze Spell should be used with the Graveyard. After playing the Graveyard you should wait 1-2 seconds and wait what the opponent is playing against the Graveyard and then start Freezing it. If you get in trouble at defending you also can use it and Freeze a big push.


  • The game start

    at the start of the game, you have 2 options. Play the Bowler or don't play the Bowler. At the start of the game, you should wait what your opponent is playing first if it's not a fast push you can put down the Bowler at the same line as the opponent. If you don't get the Bowler on the starting hand you can play the Electro-Wizard or the Mega Minion.
  • The push

    If you have enough Elixir and a Bowler or an Ice Golem near the Bridge you can start using the Graveyard at the tower. But be careful the counter push can destroy you.
  • Combos

    1. Bowler/ Ice Golem + Graveyard 2. Bowler/ Ice Golem + Graveyard + Freeze 3. Graveyard + Freeze
  • Defense

    If you need to defend against the Elite Barbarians you can use the Tombstone + Ice Golem, Tombstone + Mega Minion or Tombstone + Bowler and after that start the counter push with the Bowler.