Clash Royale Golem Inferno Dragon + Electro Wizard Arena 7-10 Deck

Clash Royale Golem Inferno Dragon + Electro Wizard Arena 7-10 Deck

clash royale golem inferno dragon deck Kopie

clash royale golem inferno dragon deck


Clash Royale Golferno Electro Wizard Deck

If you got the Inferno Dragon and don't know how to use him this deck is really great. My name is Bosch I am a Moderat. I started with this deck at 3020 trophies and reached up to 3340 without a loss. Because of the popular Giant, this deck is awesome. The main Cards are the Golem, Inferno Dragon Elixir Collector, and the Electro Wizard. The other ones can be replaced. The Inferno Dragon can easy destroy a tower in seconds if he reaches it ;). In the first games with this deck, I got the Fireball instead the Arrows with me. But I finally choose the Arrows because of the Minion Horde.

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Golem - The Golem is one of the best Epic Cards in the Game. It is the perfect card if you are looking for a good tank. Be careful if you put him on the field with 8 Mana it is not the cheapest card. You can put him behind your kings tower and build up your big push.


Elixir Collector The Elixir Collector is really popular in the current meta. Please be careful if you put it down with low Elixir. The Elite Barbarians counter is coming! If your opponent start attacking the Collector with a Miner just spawn the Electro Wizard into the Miner and the Miner starts attacking the Electro Wizard.


Inferno Dragon The Inferno Dragon is really strong if you use it at the right timer. He is super strong in the defense dealing with Golem, Giant, Pekka. The most people don't play the Dragon. In combination with the Golem and behind a Electro Wizard they are unstoppable ;).


Electro Wizard - The Electro Wizard is one of the best cars if you need to counter the Inferno Tower and save the Golem. It is my favorite card at the moment in the game. If you want to tell us what is your favourite card just look at the right site and vote :). I use the Electro Wizard against Goblin Barrel, Hog Rider, Skeleton Army, Graveyard, Balloon, Lava Hound...

  • The Game Starts

    The best opening is the Elixir Collector but you should wait until 10 Mana. If you don't get the Elixir Collector in the opening hand you can start with the Golem or just cycle until you get the Collector.
  • Midgame

    In the Midgame, you start building the Golem push. Put down the Golem in the corner. If the Golem reached the Bridge you can start with the Inferno Dragon and Electro Wizard. If you want you can throw The Log too. This push is really hard to handle.
  • 2x Elixir

    Golem decks are always strong in the 2x Elixir timer. Throw everything you got behind the Golem.