Clash Royale Best Hog Rider Deck Arena 8, 9 and 10

Clash Royale Best Hog Rider Deck Arena 8, 9 and 10

Clash Royale Best Hog Rider Deck Arena 10

Clash Royale Best Hog Rider Deck Arena 10


Clash Royale Best Hog Rider Deck

Hello to all! Today we show you the best Hog Rider Deck. This is a deck which can be used every time in every meta. It is, of course, one of the best meta decks at the moment. If you want to play a deck like this you need to train hard because you need the feeling ;).

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Hog Rider - The Hog Rider is the main tower destroyer in this deck. Try to put the Ice Golem in front of the Hog Rider as a tank. The combo is Ice Golem + Hog Rider + Ice Spirit.


Ice Golem - The Ice Golem is a very useful card in many situations. If you need to distract other minions the Ice Golem is one of the best options. He can be used as a tank if you start attacking and he can be used in the defense to distract other minions.


Musketeer - The Musketeer is a very solid card in the game it is not overpowered and it is not bad. You need to use it in the right situations. In this deck the Musketeer is the more defensive card.


Lightning - The Lightning Spell is very popular at the moment. It gives you a great trade chance for 6 Mana you can use it against Elixir Collector + tower, Inferno Tower + Musketeer + tower. If you get the right situation this Spell is insane!

  • The Game Starts

    At the start of the Game, you can start with an attack. Ice Golem + Hog Rider + Ice Spirit. This deck is a cycle deck your push is always the same with the Hog Rider. If you need The Log just roll it down.
  • Defense

    For the defense, we got the Musketeer, Cannon and the Skeletons. The Lightning can be used for the defense as well.
  • Win the Game

    the strategy of this deck is the Hog Rider push you don't need to kill the tower with one push. Be careful with the mana if you don't get the right cards in your hand for the defense the game is over for you.