Clash Royale Hog Rider + Princess Freeze Deck Arena 8 – 10

Clash Royale Hog Rider + Princess Freeze Deck Arena 8 – 10


Clash Royale Hog Rider - Princess Freeze Deck

Hello everyone today we share a little deck guide with you. How about a none Elite Barbarian deck? We think in the next Balance change the Elite Barbarians will be nerfed. But now let's talk a bit about the deck. It is a standard Hog Freeze deck with the support card Princess. The main Gameplan is not one push one destroyed tower. With this deck, you need about 2-3 pushes with the Hog Rider for 1 tower. If you want to be successful with this deck you need to play very carefully. If you start a wrong push the opponent's counter push will destroy you.


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Cards Breakdown


Ice Golem - This Card has a lot of options how to use it. You can use it as a defensive troop if you want to distract some enemy troops or you can use it if you start pushing with the Hog Rider as the Tank troop.


TombstoneThe Tombstone is on of the best defensive building against the Elite Barbarians at the moment. Put it in the center of you side.



PrincessShe is very popular in the current meta. If you need a powerful defensive-supporter she is the perfect card for you. With her awesome Range, she is also perfect at killing Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, Barbarians. She is also a great start unit to build up the Hog Rider push with Princess support.



Fireball - The Fireball can be game-changing if you use it at the right time. At the current meta, a lot of people are playing with the Fireball. It is the best counter against the 3-Musketeers.


Hog RiderThe Hog Rider is the main tower destroyer in this deck. If you start pushing with him put the Ice Golem in front of him and maybe the Ice Spirit in the back.


Ice Spirit - The Ice Spirit can be really strong in some situations. It is great if you need to freeze the Elite Barbarians or a Balloon. It is also a great supporter for the Hog Rider.


The Mega Minion and the Musketeer are the defensive troops in this deck.


  • The Game starts

    At the start of the Game, you have 2 options. You can start with a push but don't waste all of your Elixir because of the opponents counter. You also can start slowly by putting down a Mega Minion, Musketeer or Princess behind your tower.
  • Defense

    In the Card breakdown section, we talked a bit about the strong defensive cards. We got the Tombstone, Princess, Mega Minion, Ice Spirit, Ice Golem and Musketeer.
  • Push Combinations

    1. Hog Rider + Ice Spirit 2. Ice Golem + Hog Rider + Ice Spirit 3. Ice Golem + Hog RiderThese 3 are the main pushes. You can build up a huge push with:Ice Golem + Hog Rider + Ice Spirit + Princess