Clash Royale Hog Rider Tornado Arena 7 -10 Deck

Clash Royale Hog Rider Tornado Arena 7 -10 Deck

clash royale Miner tornado hog rider deck

Hog Rider + Miner + Tornado Arena 7 - 10 Deck

Hey guys today we show you a not often used deck in clash royale but if you don't want to play the same shit as everyone this Tornado Miner deck is for you!


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Arena Statistics


Offense vs Defense

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Range vs Melee

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Air vs Ground Attack

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Air vs Ground Defense

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Card Breakdown


Miner - The Miner is a sweet Legendary card you can place it everywhere you want. It's a perfect tower tank if you want to push with the Hog Rider. Sometimes there are some situations where you can use him with the Archers or the Skeleton Army.


Tornado - The Tornado is a not often seen card in the game. If you use it at the right moment and know how to use it is awesome! I love to pull the Elite Barbarians, Hog Rider or a Miner to the Kink tower. They start attacking it and you got an extra defense tower! You also can use it to pull the enemy troops into the middle of your site because your other tower starts attacking them too.

clash royale effective tornado use


  • The Game Starts

    At the start of the Game, it's maybe not the best idea to start a push with Miner + Hog Rider because the change is like 80% to get counter by Elite Barbarians. Try to build up your game and control it. Put down your Princess or Archers at first and see what happens.
  • Midgame

    In the Midgame you can counter push with Miner + Hog Rider and Zap should be on our hand because of the Skeleton Army. The Tombstone is the defense building against the Elite Barbarians and the Skeleton Army as well
  • Combos

    1. Miner + Hog Rider + Zap 2. Miner + Archers 3. Hog Rider for small damage 4. Skeleton Army + Archers and Miner (only if you know there is no Zap or Log)