Clash Royale Mortar/ Balloon Arena 7, 8, 9 and 10 Deck

Clash Royale Mortar/ Balloon Arena 7, 8, 9 and 10 Deck

clash royale battle ram banner

clash royale battle ram banner

Clash Royale Mortar Ballon Deck

Hello to all! My name is Cacio. Today i am going to show you cool Mortar Ballon and Battle Ram deck!

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Battle Ram -More useful than the Hog Rider due to its higher defensive role.


Balloon -Your main damage card

Rage - Combo Card w/ Balloon or Battle Ram (or both).


Mortar -Your trump card. Can be used as a bait or to give the finishing blow to your opponent's towers. Also you can take easily out most of the buildings, like the Inferno Tower!


Electro Wizard - Your main defensive card. Makes you buy precious time against hordes and tanks. Also make Sparky and Inferno Towers useless.


Skeleton Army - Spell Bait and Tank Killer.


Minion Horde - Tank Killer. Make sure your opponent has no arrows or fireballs


Arrows Spell card against small troops.

The Mortar must be played at the very start (just wait till you have about 7.5 elixirs). Defend it and make your opponent waste elixir on it.
You should be able to attack with the Balloon or the Ram while he's too busy taking out the Mortar.
If the Mortar is not available I suggest you to wait and defend or start with these cards:
Rage - cheap cost and cycles the deck.
Balloon - ONLY at the very back. It's risky but it makes you buy some time while your opponents have to worry about it.
Battle Ram - Same as Ballon.

If you were able to destroy one tower, the other one can be taken out easily.
Just play defense and wait for the best moment to deploy (in this order) Battle Ram + Balloon + Rage. It will be easier with x2 elixir

The Battle Ram can be used also in defense. It makes you buy precious time against PEKKAs and Sparky.
If you can't spawn your hordes, use Battle Ram + Electro Wizard to take out most of Elite Barbarians combinations.

If your opponent plays a heavy tank, distract it with the mortar and counter attack on the other side.


Do not rush with the Battle Ram and the Balloon. If you're not sure deploy them at the very back and buy some time. Do not start with Electro Wizard

Tombstone,  the X-Bow, and Tesla: there are the only
Executioner: you can actually take him out but it can be tricky if you don't deploy well your troops.
High-Level Golems: Use the Mortar to distract him and don't rush with the Army/Hordes, since it will destroy them easily with its explosion.
Also, deploy a Balloon or a Battle Ram on the other side to make you opponent waste elixir