Clash Royale New Balance Change Deck Arena 7 – 10

Clash Royale New Balance Change Deck Arena 7 – 10


Royale Giant new meta deck

Clash Royale New Meta Deck

Hey, guys today we show a new deck for the current meta after the Balance Changes came life. It is a really powerful deck. The Royale Giant is the main tower destroyer which needs to be supported by the Musketeer and the Minions. If you need to handle Minion Horde just throw your arrows. The Lightning Spell is a good counter against 3 Musketeers or other troops like the Witch. Don't use it if the Elixir trade is too low. If the opponents tower is at low HP you can use the Lightning to destroy it (better if an enemy troop is near). The Log and Th Zap are also for the support no one can touch your Royale Giant!

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Cards Breakdown


The Royale Giant is one of the most hated cards in the game. If you start attacking with him put him down at the bridge and support him with the Musketeer or the Minions.


The Musketeer is always a great card. It's strong at the defense and also good if you need to destroy a tower. In this deck, you should use her in the defense and as a support card for you Royale Giant.


The Furnace building is ver powerful. It spawns every 10 seconds 2 Fire Spirits. The are really annoying for the opponent. It is also a good supporter for the royale giant.




  • The Game Starts

    Don't start with the royale Giant your opponent will counter him too fast because of the high elixir at the start of the Game. You can put down at 10 Elixir your Musketeer or the Furnace. If your opponent starts with a push and your defense was not to bad start your counter with the Royale Giant. Put the Royale Giant to the bridge. If you got enough Elixir support him with the Minions.
  • Midgame

    Ok after the first pushes you can put down the Furnace if there is no one. But wait a bit and regenerate your Elixir. If the opponents start with a Musketeer or Ice Wizard or Witch you can use the Lightning and take out the Musketeer and make damage to the tower. If he plays the Princess just let it roll! (The Log). The main plan is defending and countering with the Royale Giant.
  • Combos

    1. Royale Giant + Minions 2. Royale Giant + Musketeer (still alive if you used her as defense) 3. Royale Giant + Skeleton Army