Clash Royale Draft Chest – Legendary Drop Rate

Clash Royale Draft Chest – Legendary Drop Rate


The Draft Chest is the latest Chest on Clash Royale. The special thing is, you can choose every time between 2 Cards.

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The new Clash Royale Draft Chest

Ok, Guys first let us take a look how to get the new chest? If you want the new Chest you have to be in the League. If you want to know more information's about the League System you can read it here. The first League rank starts at 4000 trophies. Here is a small overview how the League ranks look like.
challenger-1 clash royalechallenger-2 clash royalechallenger-3 clash royalemaster-1 clash royalemaster-2 clash royalemaster-3 clash royalechampion-1 clash royalechampion-2 clash royalechampion-3 clash royale

Chest reward overview

Let's take a look at the Chest rewards.

League RankRequired TrophiesGoldCardsGuaranteed Cards
challenger-1 clash royaleChallenger 140001919-212110110 Epics + 50 Rares
challenger-2 clash royaleChallenger 243002869-317117115 Epics + 75 Rares
challenger-3 clash royaleChallenger 346003819-421120120 Epics + 100 Rares
master-1 clash royaleMaste 149004769-527125125 Epics + 125 Rares
master-2 clash royaleMaster 252005719-632130130 Epics + 150 Rares
master-3 clash royaleMaster 355006669-737135135 Epics + 175 Rares
champion-1 clash royaleChampion58007618-842140140 Epics + 200 Rares
champion-2 clash royaleGrand Champion61008569-947145145 Epics + 225 Rares
champion-3 clash royaleUltimate Champion64009519-1052150150 Epics + 250 Rares

Let's take a look at the Legendary Drop Rate

Draft ChestLegendary Drop Rate
challenger-1 clash royale29.20%
challenger-2 clash royale43.70%
challenger-3 clash royale58.10%
master-1 clash royale72.60%
master-2 clash royale87.10%
master-3 clash royale100%
champion-1 clash royale100%
champion-2 clash royale100%
champion-3 clash royale100%

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