Clash Royale – Inferno Dragon Guide

Clash Royale – Inferno Dragon Guide



Clash Royale - Inferno Dragon Guide


  • The Inferno Dragon can be unlocked at arena-4Arena 4
  • He works like the inferno_tower-cardInferno Tower they both has the same attack mechanic.
  • don't let this sweet thing attack your tower it will be destroyed in seconds.

dmg IconHit Speeddmg Icon Deploy Timedmg Icon Rangedmg Icon Targetdmg Icon CostSummons
0.4 Second1 Second4Air & Ground41x


  • Don't leave an Inferno Dragon alone. If you want to play the Dragon you should support it with a splash damage minion like wizard-cardWizard or princess-card-clash-royalePrincess . The Inferno Dragon really suck against swarm troops.
  • The Inferno Dragon's attack can be stopped by zap-card-clash-royaleZap and he need to start again.
  • Don't use him to defend against troops. But it is really good against high HP troops like the Giant or something.

Tips you need to know:

  • we talked above about how bad the Inferno Dragon is against swarm troops. So don't leave him alone always support him with other troops.
  • If you want to build a great Inferno Dragon push you should play with a Tank like the Golem in the Video.
  • be prepared if you start your attack with the Inferno Dragon, because most times your opponent throw everything in front of your Inferno Dragon in hope he don't attack the tower. Thats why you should support him with Spells and other troops.
  • 2x Elixir Timer is Inferno Time! Inferno Dragon + Golem shines in the 2x Elixir Time!
  • Don't place the Inferno Dragon too early. The perfect time is if your Tank reached the Bride near the Tower it's like a surprise for the opponent and it's more difficult to counter the Dragon.
  • Here is Dragon Combo deck for example.


Leveldmg Icon HPdmg IconDamagedmg Icon Damage per Second

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