Mega Minion Guide Clash Royale

Mega Minion Guide Clash Royale


Hey Guy's today we talk a little bit about the mega-minion-card-clash-royaleMega Minion it is a new Card in Clash Royale

and it is at the moment one of the best Cards in the game. He is indeed an outstanding card.


Ok lets look at the main statistics of the Mega Minion

dmg IconHit Speeddmg Icon Deploy Timedmg Icon Rangedmg Icon Targetdmg Icon CostSummons
1.3 Seconds1 Second2Air & Ground31x

The Mega Minion is a flying troop and is amazing in defense. It can easy handle with single target minions like: prince-cardPrince baby_dragon-cardBaby Dragon witch-cardWitch and hog_rider-cardHog Rider .

What Cards are dangerous for the Mega Minion?

  • skeleton_army-card-clash-royaleSkeleton Army because the Mega Minion's hit speed is not so fast.
  • Tank troops like the clash royale giant-cardGiant or pekka-cardP.E.K.K.A counter big troops you should support the Mega Minion to deal with high HP Troops.
  • other flying troops like the minion_horde-cardMinion Horde your Mega Minion will die in seconds.

Here is a small Video How the Mega Minion is dealing with the Pekka. I really love it and i am not the only one because at the moment you will find it in every deck. If you want to know the Level Statistic's you can find them here. I hope you liked this small Guide about the Mega Minion. We will update this Guide if there are any Game changes.



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