Clash Royale new Leak on reddit 2 new Challenges

Clash Royale new Leak on reddit 2 new Challenges

clash royale update leak reddit

Hey, Guys last week someone was analyzing the Clash Royale code and found some interesting information. There are some Special Offers for the Clash Royale Shop, the new Draft Chest Legendary Card Drop rate and new Challenge modes.

Here I am, as always, bringing you all my discoveries. The datamining process takes a while (2-3 hours), I need to decompile, read, acquire information and write it down. This post is a work in progress, I will update it every now and then.

Keep refreshing or set a reminder to read all the info

Just one last thing: I'm not a native English speaker, if something is not clear, let me know about it and I will rephrase

Shop special offers

NameCostContainsIf you buy more than once
Special offer 10.99$no infono info
Special offer 21.99$no infono info
Special offer 32.99$no infono info
Special offer 43.99$no infono info
Special offer 54.99$no infono info
Special offer 65.99$no infono info
Special offer 76.99$no infono info
Special offer 87.99$no infono info
Special offer 98.99$no infono info
Special offer 109.99$no infono info
Special offer 1514.99$no infono info
Special offer 2019.99$no infono info
Special offer 5049.99$no infono info
Special offer 6099.99$no infono info
ArenaPack 1124.99$Draft chest, 100k golddraft chest subsituted by 2500 gems
Card campaign pack 10.99$ or 100 gemsno infono info
Card campaign pack 21.99$ or 200 gemsno infono info
Card campaign pack 34.99$ or 500 gemsno infono info
Card campaign pack 411.99$ or 1500 gemsno infono info
  • card campaign packs are available only for android devices. redeemable max 2 times per pack
  • special offers are probably based on time played. or something similar. we'll discover when the update is live
  • special offers contains a max of 100k gold and 14k gems
  • hints to a one-time redeemable free offer (probably a free magical chest)

Chests the new draft chest has the highest legendary factor in the game

  • legendary factor: 200
  • epic factor: 10
  • rare factor: 2

For comparison, the SMC has a legendary factor of 600

All above calculation take into account that in the game are released 19 commons and 11 legendaries (the currents 10 + the bandit)

Draft chestLegendary probability
Challenger I29.2%
Challenger II43.7%
Challenger III58.1%
Master I72.6%
Master II87.1%
Master III101.6%
Champion I116%
Champion II130.5%
Champion III145%


2 new challenges

  • Draft mode insane: draft mode + 2x elixir challenge, costs 5 gems, same prizes of the classic challenges
  • Team challenge: a challenge for 2vs2 battles(?). costs 5 gems, same prizes of the classic challenges
  • Retro royale: you can only use cards present on the release of clash royal. Completely free. same prizes of the grand challenges. I personally think that you can do this challenges only one time.
  • card available in retro royale: Knight, Archer, Goblins, Giant, Pekka, Minions, Balloon, Witch, Barbarians, Golem, Skeletons, Valkyrie, SkeletonArmy, Bomber, Musketeer, BabyDragon, Prince, Wizard, MiniPekka, SpearGoblins, GiantSkeleton, HogRider, MinionHorde, Cannon, GoblinHut, Mortar, InfernoTower, BombTower, BarbarianHut, Tesla, Elixir Collector, Xbow, Tombstone, Fireball, Arrows, Rage, Rocket, GoblinBarrel, Freeze, Mirror, Lightning, Zap


  • it seems that stack offers when a card is released is not a thing anymore. No more special offers when a card is released.
  • new value of speed for troops found in the game (120). 90 is the speed for very fast troops. 120 is probably the speed of the bandit during her charge
  • the new legendary arena is referred in the game file as arena_t. Titan Arena 😀
  • fixed the battle ram sound when it hits a building. No more Pekka sound
  • new trophy limits for clans: 4300, 4600
  • clan battle chest lv 10 requires 110 wins. if you want to know all the thresholds let me know about it
  • no victory gold in 2vs2
  • if your mate leaves the match, you will receive a notification on screen. The adversaries will not
  • more trainers. the most powerful trainer is unlocked at 6000 trophies. it regains one elixir every 0.7 seconds, both in normal time and overtime
  • reference to "hunter". probably a new troop in testing.
  • you can sort friends by status or by score

Thanks to Asdamp for the information.

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